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A Bit on Dry-fire Practice

Have you been doing dry fire practice lately? You should. It is one of the best ways of maintaining your gun handling and trigger control skills, improve a flinch and just be one with the trigger.

Balloon Goes up has some dry fire training tips that may help.

This reminds me that I still would really like to get the SIRT Training Pistol. They even have a laser training bolt for your AR rifle on the way, which resets the trigger. Awesome stuff.

3 comments to A Bit on Dry-fire Practice
  • A friend has been using his SIRT regularly at home and his groups at the range have shrunk from about 20″ to 5″. This stuff works!

    • Anonymous

      That is quite an improvement. No doubt that any sort of trigger time whether it be live fire or dry fire would have gotten the same results, but that SIRT thing is just handy. 

  • Lokidude

    I have been, actually, with my S&W 19. Working on controlling double action pulls, since I never seem to DA my revolvers, and I really need to.

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