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Letter to Safeway, Re: Sponsoring Tucson Gun Buy Back

I sent the letter below to Nancy Keane, Director of Public Relations, Safeway Co. to tell her of my feelings regarding the proposed Gun Buy Back in Tucson and Safeway’s offer to donate $1000 in Gift Cards. It appears she has not heard much in the way of opposition feedback and I think that needs to change.

If you would like to share your thoughts,  she can be reached directly at (480) 894-4129 and nancy.keane@

Hello Ms. Keane

My name is Jason Phelps and I am located in Tucson Arizona where the Gun Buy Back proposed by Councilman Kozachik is to take place.
I have to state that I am disheartened by your company’s involvement in this program.
Due to the “no questions asked” nature, this serves as an easy means of disposal for firearms involved in crime, or for a criminal to easily sell a gun he/she stole, with no real chance of getting caught.
In addition to that, I find it distasteful that a Gun Buy Back was even proposed to happen on or near the anniversary date of a tragedy. Coupling that with sponsorship from a company that unfortunately was at ground zero on that January 8th, it seems akin to taking advantage of a horrible situation to advance a political agenda.
Then there is state law to look at. If Mr. Kozachik buys back these guns, I would presume and hope that he would then turn them over to the police. Arizona state law says that the police would then have to run checks on the firearms. If they are found stolen, they are then to be returned to the legal owner. If they are not, the department is to sell them back to the public, via selling the inventory to a local authorized FFL dealer. If “getting guns off the streets” is Steve Kozachik’s one and only goal, this is not going to do much, if any at all, for it.
My final note is that this plan is all reaction to tragedies like Jan. 8, Aurora Colorado Theater and the most recent mass murder in Connecticut; where there is one major problem seen at all three of these horrible events, that is getting no where near as much attention as it should. The murderers had mental health issues. Your $1000, I feel, would go a whole lot further in this world by donating it to an organization that provides aid and care for people with mental health issues.
Thank you for your time.
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