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EMP016 – Pocket Carry

Let’s face it, carrying a firearm in your pocket is not as good a choice as carrying on your belt – but when you are carrying you have to make some compromise between accessibility and carry convenience. For me lately, pocket carry has been the way to go. Between the heat/needing to wear light clothes, and the need to take the gun on and off my body a few times a day, pocket carry has been my answer. Listen to this episode to hear all my thoughts on the subject of carrying a firearm in your pocket.


6 comments to EMP016 – Pocket Carry
  • When I purchased my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, I picked up a pocket holster to go along with it. I opted for a Desantis Nemesis but was shown a shoot through holster. Honestly, when I saw it demonstrated it scared the hell out of me. Granted, the trigger is heavy and unlikely to be pulled (plus the manual safety), and I don’t keep anything else in the pocket that holds my pistol, I did not like the idea of the trigger being exposed like that.

    Good show.
    Keep up the good work

  • Desantis Nemisis, Just as inexpensive as the Uncle Mike’s, but a little better quality, but it seems to hold up a LOT better to the stresses of time. My old Uncle Mike’s for my J-Frame got very beat up after a few years of intermittent carry.

    Still the leather ones look good, but I wonder how necessary they are.

    • Jason

      It’ll be a DeSantis for me, most likely, when the Uncle Mike’s lets go. I’ve been using it for nearly a year now, almost every day and it is still holding up fine.

      I’d have gotten the DeSantis to start, if it were in stock at the time.

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