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EMP021 – Personal Firearms Record Keeping

Keeping a list of all your firearms and specific information about them is something you need to do to assist you, your insurance agent, and local law enforcement in case one of your firearms is lost/stolen/destroyed. In this episode I talk about this, and offer an example sheet for you to use.

Example Firearms Record Sheet

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5 comments to EMP021 – Personal Firearms Record Keeping
  • Walt White

    I have copies of all of my paperwork for my firearms but a spreadsheet with photos would be much more beneficial. I especially like the idea of having it stored on the cloud so that I can get access to the information in the event that I can’t get home to retrieve the paperwork.

    Regarding the comment system, I’m not crazy about it. When I initially went to log in I was going to use one of the available services listed but the popup to grant access allowed too much. For instance, one service would have allowed Disqus to read/write to my profile.

    I don’t recall what service I was initially going to use (I’m still logged in from when I set it up to comment on the last podcast).

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback on the commenting system. Good thing it can still support NAME/EMAIL/URL. If it didn’t I’d probably whack it. 

  • Andrew Tanner

    A couple of things I have on my personal log you might want to include in yours. 1) I have a field open to explain how I got the firearm (what store, private party, etc.) I also include photos like you, but embed them in the doc as well as save them in the cloud.

    Another thing I do is scan and save my sales receipts to the cloud.

    Hoping I never have to use these backup docs, but you never know…

  • Mark

    We’ve started getting a bit more organized at our home, but to do this required something a bit more than a spreadsheet (what I used before).  I took some time to look around and I found this freeware.  I’ve had for a couple of months and it’s worked out pretty good so far.  It’s called WYO (What You Own) Home Inventory.  Suggest that you have a look.  Here’s the link to the site.

  • I use Gunsafe for keeping an inventory of my guns. You can keep detailed info about your guns with it, plus photos. It’s not available anymore though. They have taken down the download link from the website.

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