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EMP1 – Intro and ARs

In this first show I introduce myself and the idea behind the podcast. I then give my thoughts on building versus buying your first AR rifle. At the very last minute I decided to throw some thoughts in on dry fire practice after a discussion I had with a coworker.

This is all really new to me and I am sort of working through learning the software and what different bits of it do so, if any parts of this sound out of whack or hurt your ears, I apologize, I’m a podcasting noob.

Please see the right side of this page for my contact information and if you have any suggestions, questions, comments or constructive criticisms please let me know!

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4 comments to EMP1 – Intro and ARs
  • I loved the dry-fire talk. I also have a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard (I just bought it recently) and I was curious, do you only look at the laser during dry-fire practice to see if you are moving the gun off target or is that your primary way of aiming the pistol? I ask because I can’t see the laser in the daylight so I’ve stopped using it for the most part.

    Well done. I’m looking forward to getting caught up on all of your episodes.

  • Jason

    I so far only use the laser during dry fire practice with it. Out here in the AZ sun it is IMPOSSIBLE to see in the daylight.

    The only way I would use a laser in a self defense situation was if it was a Crimson Trace style laser, that automatically turns on when you are properly gripping the firearm.

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