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EMP11 – Savage Mark II G

This one, well I’m not going to explain this one, just listen and watch the video!

Savage Mark II G Accutrigger Demo video:

And in case you are wondering, I believe in nothing but COMPLETE FIREARMS SAFETY AT ALL TIMES with ALL FIREARMS in ANY CONDITION. This video was recorded hours after I finished consuming the alcohol mentioned in the podcast and all safety measures were observed.





4 comments to EMP11 – Savage Mark II G
  • Another excellent podcast. Your podcast has taken up a permanent spot as my Wednesday drive home companion.

    Nice sidebar on the Maker’s Mark, by the way. And don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to discuss fine bourbon on your podcast – if your mags weren’t empty, you wouldn’t be drinking, either.

    Now, I have to admit I had never heard of the Savage Accutrigger, so as you described it, of course, I was yelling at the iPod “but I thought you said you had shot a Glock before!” After some research, though, while the Savage trigger and the Glock Safe Action Trigger work in similar ways on the surface, and serve the same basic safety function, to prevent an accidental pressing of the trigger, underneath they operate differently. So I take back my yelling.

    I only have one bolt action rifle, and that was a gift. That’s because I’ve always considered the bolt action to be an anachronism, like a grip safety. But your description of its utility as a teaching tool may convince me to use one teaching new shooters, too. I guess I’ll have to pick up a Savage .22, since I’m almost positive my Mosin Nagant would scare new shooters away from the sport forever.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Jason

      Yeah – I was going to bring up the glock trigger but they are only similar, and not really the same thing. While the Savage Accutrigger serves as a sort of safety, the real thing there is it allows a very clean and crisp trigger break. Get yourself down to a shop that has them, and try the trigger. You’ll be amazed.

      Bolt action rifles will always have a place… When it comes down to pure ease of use and consistent accuracy out of the box, it’s a bolt action.

  • That Savage sounds like a great gun. I’ll have to see if any of my local shops have one that I can handle.

    Another well done show.

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