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EMP9 – Guns I Want

In this episode I talk about some guns on my “to get list” that are either impractical, unrealistic or unobtainable – some some combination of. Some bourbon fell out of the bottle and into my mouth before I recorded, and I left some of my flubs in, because I have bourbon and I don’t care.

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AR parts: , , ,


Edit to add: Contest Winner. Each fan of the facebook page for this website had their name written down and then numbered. The total number was plugged into and it chose #28 which happens to be @ChrisZump/YBRH. Congrats!

5 comments to EMP9 – Guns I Want
  • Chris

    Thanks for answer my question about the AR. Can’t wait till I can get it built.

  • I also have a fondess for WWII era guns. As nerdy as it sounds, my interest in that era was sparked by a video game that I used to be obsessed with (Battlefield 1942).

    Well done

  • JP

    hey, I have to agree with the SVT-40 as a “Want” gun. I’ve been looking for one myself. just can’t seam to find one at the price I’m willing to pay. If you make it out to the Nations Gun show in Centerville, Va (just outside of DC) there are a few people selling them. Only bit of advise about picking one is to check the gas system and barrel. 7.62x54r tends to be pretty dirty and well, the russian peasants didn’t seam to know how to clean them well. Over all, a great little gun.

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