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Local News Takes on Women with Guns

A television news outlet serving the Tucson area aired a story last night about “women flocking to guns”. The story talks a bit about training and the Flash Bang holster, but what really stuck out to me is that it points out that a Gallup poll shows that one in four women now own a gun. The article then goes on to say “but it was only a 3 day poll” and that a long-term study done by the University of Chicago shows that the number of female gun owners is much lower, at about one in ten.

Chicago you say? Seems legit. A place where people are not allowed to have firearms, and I am going to trust their study on the matter? One in ten in Chicago maybe (hoodrats gotta protect theyselves.) Then again, it was Sugarmann from the Violence Policy Center pointing out the study Рit could conclude that monkeys do in fact fly, and he would twist the results to suit his needs.

At the end of the day, you don’t need any polls or studies to know that there has been an increasing number of women purchasing and using firearms. Spending any amount of time at the gun counter, range or looking at any of the new (and mostly great) firearms websites aimed at women will show you that they are becoming more and more interested. Increased competition in the ammo aisle aside, I think more female gun owners is a great thing.

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