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Gunway Media Network announced today they will be launching their own media network in an effort to help get gun-oriented content producers exposure.

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PMag 40: In Case You Were Wondering

Haus of Guns has some photos comparing the sizes of the standard PMag and the PMag 40, as well as some commentary:

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Why I Carry

Why do I carry a gun? Just a few reasons:

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As you likely know by now, Magpul has recently announced the 40 round version of their popular PMag AR-15 Magazine. Is it all about upping capacity, or is it a political statement?

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40 Round PMags

Magpul now makes 40 round PMags? Yes please!

Gun Violence Towards Children

I snipped this picture from Twitter just moments before reporting it as depicting gun violence towards children. There is all kinds of hypocrisy at work here.

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Teen Arrested for Not Changing his NRA T-Shirt at School

Appearing before a judge yesterday, a West Virginia teen was officially charged for refusing to change his NRA shirt while in school.

Jared Marcum and his infamous NRA shirtThe Logan County Police Department claim 14-year-old Jared Marcum was arrested for disturbing the education process and obstructing an officer.

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I have not shot a gun since November 2012.

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IRS Agents Training with AR-15s

I love AR-15s. I think most everyone should have one – but the IRS? Really? Does it help them audit you? Is this how they are going to enforce Obamacare? That is scary.

Sure, the IRS has its own Law Enforcement Officers (that is another questionable necessity in itself), but what do they

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Actress Loses Followers Over Gun Debate

Normally I am not one to give a rip about what celebrities have to say, and really couldn’t care less what they are doing on Twitter or how many twitter followers they have. That said, I think this little story says a lot.

Katee Sackhoff, best known for her role on Battlestar Galactica

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