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Tucson City Clowncil Passes More Feel-good Gun Laws

Arizona State Preemption pretty much makes the new laws passed by the Tucson City Clowncil useless, but they wasted their time bringing them to the table anyway.

The first law passed was a portion of “Genna’s Law“, giving the police the ability to get a warrant for drug and alcohol testing someone after an negligent discharge. While it sounds good, if the police suspect someone of being intoxicated and have reason to need a test, they already can.

The second law requires citizens to report lost or stolen firearms within 48 hours or face $100 fines. What law-abiding gun owner would knowingly wait more than two days to report a stolen firearm? As for lost firearms – I’ve lost them for days in my couch cushions before, and then a few years ago my entire collection was lost in a tragic and unfortunate boating accident. I’ll be damned if I am going to call the police to report my firearm lost, only to find it under my pillow 4 days later.

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