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Chicken Wing!

Chicken wings suck. Both the kind you eat and when shooting your rifle.

Actual chicken wings are pretty useless. On a live chicken – their wings only allow them to fly short distances. That sucks. On your table – they are way to much work for the reward. Why screw around with a bunch of chicken wings and make an embarrassing mess of yourself – only to get about a half a chicken breasts worth of crappy low quality meat? That sucks also.

When it comes to your rifle – chicken wings are even worse. Sure it’s cool if you are Chris Costa – you invented it. Everyone else just looks like a tool. Let me back up a little. I like Magpul. I’ve got the mancrush on Chris Costa the same as all the rest of you. But the hands-foward, elbow-out-like-a-chicken-wing, sideways hand holding of the forearm is just a sales tactic to sell a piece of equipment (Magpul AFG).

I tried it once for about a half hour. Other than really making my supporting arm tired, it didn’t do anything for me except make me look cool. “Hey that guy doesn’t have the same beard, but he’s F#%^ING COOL JUST LIKE CHRIS” they said. At the end of the day I reverted back to my normal hold. Squared up on the target and tucked. I still couldn’t hit shit but I’m not sure that had anything to do with anything, other than maybe bad ammo or faulty targets.


Disclaimer: Chris Costa probably does not approve this message. And yes, it is in jest…mostly: I still think eating chicken wings is pointless and I still don’t see any benefits to the hands-forward grip – but if it works for you, put on your mall-ninja gear and keep doing it!


This is a republished blog post from one of my prior projects. 

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