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Empty Mags Resuscitation Project

Howdy folks.

I’ve been wanting to bring Empty Mags back for some time now and am finally getting myself in gear to do so. In order to bring this site up to where I originally had envisioned it, there are a few steps that must be taken. I do not have a solid timeline on when some of these things will be done, but a number of them are in progress. They are:

  1. Fresh look for a fresh start: A site redesign. You can see it more or less in effect right now. The old theme was just not working out for me the way I wanted it.
  2. More types of content: Empty Mags started as a podcast, but the original vision consisted of more than just audio content. Look forward to standard blog posts, videos and who knows what else, in addition to an audio podcast.
  3. More voices: Both in audio and text. I want multiple contributors to this site. Negotiations are underway.
  4. No hard and fast content schedule: I understand this is probably not likely the best thing for those consuming the content here, but hard and fast schedules are part of what lead to my burn out.

If you have any ideas/suggestions or want to contribute, comment below or use the Contact Me page linked above.

1 comment to Empty Mags Resuscitation Project
  • Glad to see you coming back.  Whatever schedule works for you. If you are interested, I could probably carve out time for a recorded chat.  And I know a certain holster maker that would be happy to.

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