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Local News Takes on Women with Guns

A television news outlet serving the Tucson area aired a story last night about “women flocking to guns”. The story talks a bit about training and the Flash Bang holster, but what really stuck out to me is that it points out that a Gallup poll shows that one in four women now

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A Bit on Dry-fire Practice

Have you been doing dry fire practice lately? You should. It is one of the best ways of maintaining your gun handling and trigger control skills, improve a flinch and just be one with the trigger.

Balloon Goes up has some dry fire training tips that may help.

This reminds me that I

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EMP6 – .22s and Your Range Bag

In this episode I talk a bit about using the .22lr as an aid to supplement your regular training, and I talk a short bit about range bag contents. I also at the last minute decided to add a little review of the Hornady Lock and Load Classic reloading kit.

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